Elevate trust

using the zBlockchain network

  • checkVerify vital information with external systems and parties.
  • checkVerify evidence of input into research studies and results against tamper.
  • checkVerify contractual agreements and binding contracts

How can your business leverage the zBlockchain?


Researchers, pharma companies, and universities can use zBlock to verify critical data at different research stages ensuring its credibility.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

zBlock can be used with existing data exchange infrastructures, providing assurance that connected medical devices are exchanging trusted data from source to destination.

Pharma and Medical Sales CRM

zBlock can add a trusted seal of data verification to ensure that specific transactions are locked against any changes.


Enhance regulatory transparency, mitigate systemic risk, reduce operational risk, and help food producers and the full supply chain manage ingredients, production dates, expiry dates more efficiently.


zBlock can be integrated into your company’s local and cross-border logistics business. zBlockchain verifies all relevant information such as shipment details, transport method, customs, inspection and third party verification.

Legal, Notary, Land registry Services

zBlock can help keep track of who owns which land deeds and verify authenticity of notarized documents.

How zBlock works

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